Aso-Ebi (Family Portait)

African wax print making is a tradition that has served as a means of trading stories and passing down history. Although the technique and style were originally Dutch, it became a way for many Africans, both within and outside the continent, to visually showcase their heritage.

This project aims to mix visuals and symbols from my family archive/lineage to create a new pattern that reflects my perspective as a Nigerian who grew up away from home.

Creating these patterns is a means of expressing what heritage means to me, as someone who does not participate in traditions on an everyday basis. The patterns explore different themes surrounding heritage, including family and culture.

 Final Images

Thesis Deck

These are some pages from the deck I used to introduce my thesis to my class and professor. 

I highlighted not just my references, but also the rationale behind why I chose certain techniques. 

WIP Images