Freelance Work

Digital  Posters

In addition to my agency work, I create promotional posters for events, particularly concerts.

This allows me to flex my creative muscles outside of my day job and explore different aesthetics and design styles.

Impact Media 

During my time at Impact, I worked as a designer, creating Instagram content aimed at raising awareness for social justice issues among the page's 1.5 million followers (as of Jun 2021)

The infographics I designed were intended to be visually interesting, while also being highly informative, in order to attract as much attention as possible.

365 Days of Posters

In 2020 I started a 365 poster design challenge to teach myself graphic design. I got to day 216!

The poster were inspired by the different media I found myself graviating to during the pandemic, which including TV shows like Adventure Time and music by artisits like Victoria Monet. During the challenge I pushed myself to explore animation and illustration.